UV-C Sterilization Air Purifier

  • Sterilization by UV-C (deep ultraviolet rays), inactivating COVID-19
  • Purify the indoor air by filtering dust, pollen, mites, etc. with a three-layer filter
  • Easy operation with touch buttons
  • Cordless: Can be used with the built-in battery even in places where there is no power supply
  • Helps prevent cluster infections!

Coronavirus Sterilizer for Vehicles

PH-T LED projector for high temperature +135℃ use !!!

Suitable for high temperature, high humidity, oil resistance, vibration proof, chemical resistance!!

HD LED flood light for high temperature +135℃ use !!!

OG-LED220-GSF  for Low Temperature -100℃

PH-T300S/450S  for Gantry crane lighting!


UV-C Sterilization Air Purifier is available!

   Very effective for sterilization and cluster prevention in homes and facilities!

LED for high temperature +135℃ (PH-T series / HD series) is available!

   Application: Automobile factory, paper mill, steel factory, environmental test room,

   thermostatic chamber, Robodrill, sewerage facility, etc

Stainless steel housing LED for Low Temperature -100°C is available!

   LED lighting for low temperature that can be used in an environment up to ultra-low

   temperature -100°C !